Sod Installation in Toronto

ISR Gardening Inc is proud of the properties in Toronto, and we believe that property owners and managers should be, too! The quickest way to have a full and beautiful lawn is by laying sod. We’re happy to offer lawn installation services as well as sod replacement services if one or more of your pallets hasn’t taken properly. Grass installation can be a big job—and it has to be done right. Trusting ISR Gardening Inc means trusting that your investment will pay off as a beautiful green space for years to come.


Sod Installation Consultation

The type of sod you need depends largely on soil composition and the species of grass that already exist on your property. Within each geographical area, there are multiple types of soil and grass. It’s not enough to ask your neighbor what they have on their property. It’s necessary to bring in a team of experts, like those at ISR Gardening Inc, to perform a full analysis and assessment.

By identifying the kinds of minerals and nutrients that are already present in your soil—those that make the existing grass thrive—we will help you find the right turfgrass for your property. By matching the new sod with the existing grass species, we ensure that the sod will properly root and integrate itself.

We will walk you through all your options and provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision for your property.

Great Rates for Turfgrass Installation

We help our clients make educated, fact-based decisions about their property. In the same way, our sod prices and installation rates are based on current trends in the local landscaping market. We consistently undercut the competition and charge less than our competitors—even while providing more reliable and higher-quality installation service.

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Lawn Installation Process

Unlike seeding, which takes a lot of time to grow into a healthy lawn, sodding services produce almost instant results—at least visually. However, in order for the sod to root and integrate itself into your soil, it’s very important to bring in a team of experts. ISR Gardening Inc will take the time to ensure that your sod has the best chances of success by doing the following:

  • Full soil analysis and grass species identification
  • Removing old grass and weeds
  • Soil amelioration processes
  • Grading, levelling, and soil drainage
  • Installation processes that conform to best practices
  • Installing irrigation or sprinkler systems

Fresh Sod Maintenance

Once your sod has been installed, it will require careful attention and maintenance. We provide all our clients with the information they need for the type of sod that has to take root. We will work together to create a maintenance plan that will work for you.

It’s important to think of sodding more as a project than as a one-time installation. Once we have done the installation, you may require continued attention from our expert landscapers. With our carefully calculated sodding maintenance services, we can ensure that your sod will establish itself and become a healthy part of your lawn for years to come.

Experienced Sod Installation Landscapers

We leverage in-depth knowledge and years of professional experience and training to ensure that our sod installations are successful. We want you to benefit from our experienced landscapers and the attention to detail that they invest in every project. There is no other landscaping company in the area, quite like ISR Gardening Inc.

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ISR Gardening Inc’s Lawn Sod Installation Options

If you are looking to transform your property into a lush, green lawn, choose between our two main sodding options.

  1. A seeded lawn.We will prep your lawn by laying extra soil or fertilizer. We will sow seeds into your lawn. With the care and maintenance from our landscape contractors, your grass will grow and fill in sparse patches as necessary.
  2. Laying sod.Sod is a pallet of grass. These pallets measure several square feet and are laid on a lawn after assessing the soil’s ability to support it. There may be visible seams between the pallets at the beginning, but these fill in quickly as the sod takes to the soil. The effect is a luxurious lawn in a fraction of the time.

High-Quality Lawn Sod

If your lawn is looking dull or tired, call ISR Gardening Inc We will save your grass and bring it back to life. How, you ask? With sodding of course! Laying sod will restore the health of your lawn and will boost its strength making it resistant to weeds, run offs and insect or pests. Our services will enhance the look of your landscape––guaranteed! Your lawn will instantly look better with the care and maintenance of our sodding specialists.

Our professionals will take the hassle out of tired lawns. The benefits of choosing us for the job are in the savings, the efficiency of the work and the promptness. Our team consists of experienced experts who will properly lay down new lawn or turf, will level the site, install new sod or soil and will always, guarantee the best results. Let us help with the upkeep of your investment. We invite you to call us today, so that you can see the quality of our sod installations.

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Are you interested in having a beautiful lawn at a fraction of the time and costs of classic seeding? Do you want to reduce noise to your home, and deter pests from your area? Are you interested in protecting ground water, fighting climate change, and increasing the oxygen levels for your community? Do you want to increase the market value of your home, almost instantly?

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