Interlocking decks and patios are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners across the Greater Toronto Area. This should tell you something about the great design, durability and the overall way it can elevate the look of your home’s landscaping. Interlocking stones also help you designate the go-to areas outside your home for entertaining guests and making memories with your family. 

If you have a standard patio built from poured concrete, you’re probably tired of looking at all the cracks and dull colour, leaving your backyard in a sad state of affairs. Maybe it’s time you consider an upgrade with other patio styles and the help of the interlocking stone experts at ISR Gardening. For every project, our master landscapers will work to bring your vision to life, and we won’t be done until you are completely satisfied. We use the finest materials available to give you a truly spectacular finished product that will be the envy of everyone on your block.

Multi-Level Patio With Water Features (Stone Patio with Pond)

One of our most requested landscaping features with patio interlock is a multi-level patio with water features like a pond.

It’s a low-maintenance landscaping solution that will truly wow any visitor and injects elegance into nearly every backyard space.

Backyard Interlocking
pool and Patio Interlocking

Pool and Patio Interlocking

One of the first things a neighbour, friend or prospective buyer will notice when they go into your yard is all of the imperfections. If your patio is overgrown with weeds and full of cracks, it will be clear that you’ve neglected to properly maintain the area. Think about your property’s landscaping from this point of view and you might see some things you hadn’t noticed before. 

The ISR Gardening crew is passionate about ensuring that the patio stones or interlocking bricks you install in your yard meet all of your expectations and look just as you imagined them to be. No matter if you’re about to sell or set up your forever home, all the work our landscapers do is guaranteed to last for years to come. 

With all of these important factors in mind, you must pick a trusted and reputable landscaping contractor like the team at ISR Gardening to take care of all your gardening needs all year long. Our technicians are highly trained in the installation of patio pavers and concrete patios so you get professional results every time.

Patio Kitchen Interlocking

If you want to elevate the entertainment experience of your backyard, then you should consider implementing a full kitchen in your backyard, complete with interlocking pavers to give it that extra bit of elegance. A luxury outdoor kitchen with professional stonework will allow you to prepare world-class meals in a truly impressive environment that can accommodate any occasion. But it’s a big investment and that’s why you want to make sure it’s done right by experienced tradespeople who are committed to perfecting the finest details of the project. 

The outdoor kitchen construction experts at ISR Gardening always deliver a professionally designed outdoor kitchen made from the finest materials and sourced from our trusted network of suppliers across the GTA. We guarantee that your space will look fantastic. And most importantly, you’ll easily gain back the majority of your investment when you move to sell. You’ll also be able to enjoy your outdoor kitchen, even more, knowing that it’s going to make your home easier to sell in the future.

Patio Kitchen Interlocking
Fire Pit and Interlocking

Fire Pit and Interlocking

A fire pit is a fabulous addition to any backyard landscaping design plan. It can help you turn your backyard into an impressive and cozy environment to entertain the most important people in your life. A fire pit makes it feel like you’re camping in the great outdoors, but it’s easy to maintain and perfectly safe to enjoy through all four seasons. Whether it’s a fruity cocktail in the summer or a hot chocolate in the winter, a fire pit always makes having people over to your home a viable option.

Even in the city, ISR Gardening has shown so many homeowners across the Greater Toronto area the joy of having your fire pit in the backyard, something that you just can’t achieve with an indoor fireplace. 

From the very beginning, our design team will take note of all your preferences to ensure that we can bring your vision to life. We’ll measure everything in your backyard to make sure that the fire pit is proportionate to the rest of the space while leaving ample room for sitting and entertaining guests. Getting the landscaping experts at ISR Gardening to install an outdoor pit at your home is another great way to add resale value to your home, so make sure it’s done with the professionals you trust.

Modern Backyard Landscaping and Interlocking

If you want your home’s landscaping to incorporate current trends and feature patio interlocking and other stonework that was made with unrivalled skills and dedication to the craft, then enlist the services of ISR Gardening. We can take care of all of your landscaping needs in the Greater Toronto Area. 

From lawn mowing to sod installation and stonework to retaining wall construction and so much more, the landscaping experts at ISR Gardening are here to help you design and build any project you desire.

Backyard Landscaping and Interlocking
interlocking pavers

Choose our team and you’ll get the following: 

  • A friendly and experienced member of a crew comes to your home for a free estimate
  • Licensed and insured individuals to work on your home
  • Industry-leading warranties on our exemplary work
  • Competitive rates and superior value
  • Access to all premium interlocking installation for your patio, walkway, driveway or retaining wall

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Great landscaping helps to increase your home’s resale value, improves your quality of life, and beautifies your home, so it’s important that you choose the very best. Contact ISR Gardening today to book your appointment and get a free consultation.

ISR Gardening Offer Interlocking Services in the Following Areas:

Thornhill – Thornhill Woods – Valleys of Thornhill – Upper Thornhill – Maple – Vaughan – Thornhill

Woodbridge – Kleinburg – Richmond Hill – King City – Aurora – Newmarket – Markham – North York

Toronto – Forest Hill – York Mills – The Bridle Path – Lawrence Park – Rosedale – Scarborough

Etobicoke – Brampton – Mississauga and the rest of the GTA!

Other Interlocking Services

Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

When deciding on a unique and functional design addition to your landscaping, you may want to consider retaining walls. Designed to prevent soil erosion and keep your landscaping in place, retaining walls also allow you to add dimension and character to your lawn or garden features.

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Interlocking Design and Installation

Interlocking Design and Installation

Define your outdoor space and bring equilibrium between the garden and house with suitable elements. Whether you want to create pathways, pave your driveway, build landscape walls or do your pool deck, ISR Gardening provides full-service interlocking design and installation.

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Driveway & Walkway Interlocking

Driveway & Walkway Interlocking

The interlocking specialists at ISR Gardening are knowledgeable and highly trained. We only hire true experts in their field and are knowledgeable about the best products and options available. Our interlocking staffs are professional, highly communicative, and friendly with our clients.

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