How to Level a Bumpy Lawn

Weeds and pests can quickly turn your dream lawn into a nightmare for care and maintenance. But fortunately, there are usually a few things you can do on your own at home to turn things around and get that terrific turf you desire. However, one of the issues, particularly a bumpy lawn, requires a little extra effort…

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Commercial Lawn Care

Why Hire a Professional to Mow your Lawn

You want your lawn to look its best. That’s why homeowners turn to professional lawn mowing services to ensure their lawn is well manicured and maintained. This is achieved using professional lawn mowing techniques that keep your lawn looking healthy and ensure lush, continued growth throughout the season. Let’s review the benefits of choosing a professional grass…

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Is my Grass Dead or Dormant?

Homeowners strive for a beautiful, green, luscious lawn in their yard. It adds so much appeal to your home’s exterior. So when your grass is yellow or brown and the health of your yard is in question, you may be confused and concerned as to what to make of it. Brown grass can be caused by a…

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How to Plant Grass Seed on Existing Lawn

A healthy and lush green lawn is beneficial for any home or business, but many people fail to realize that it’s far more achievable than you think. In fact, all you have to do is master the overseeing process. Fortunately, the experts at ISR Gardening have years of experience fine-tuning their overseeing process. And if you stick…

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Best Time to Lay Sod in Southern Ontario

Homeowners don’t want to wait weeks or even months for a green lawn to grow and that’s why sodding is the perfect solution for anybody who wants to enjoy perfect grass right away. 

But before you commit to a sod installation in the Greater Toronto Area, there are some factors to consider, including…

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The Best Solutions for Lawn Repair

Does your lawn appear like it’s struggling to survive? Are you thinking of a lawn renovation? If you’re tired of looking at weeds while wondering how to revive dead grass, don’t feel discouraged because there is hope! If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty and you have a little patience, it is possible to bring…

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How to Remove Weeds from Lawn

If you’ve ever owned a home with a front or rear lawn, you know how painstaking it can be to encourage quality grass growth and eliminate weeds during the summer months. Not only do they look awful, but weed growth can lead to an array of further complications, including garden encroachment and long-term damage to an otherwise…

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How to Keep Dogs Off Your Lawn

Dogs are our loyal and trusted friends, but the gifts they leave behind aren’t always what we want. Though it is a natural behaviour, a dog popping on your lawn can do an incredible amount of damage.

There are many new and safe tools available for homeowners looking at how to stop dogs from…

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prepare your garden to winter

How to Prepare Your Garden For Winter

As the seasons change from fall and we transition into winter, it’s time to prepare your yard for the winter. All of these plants are busy forming roots to secure their position in the soil. Worms and soil bacteria are still at work, converting organic matter into the nutrients that…

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How to Plant Grass Seed

Having a healthy lawn can be achieved with the right techniques and tools. Growing grass seed is the most economical way to grow a lawn. A large part of the process involves getting the ground ready for planting grass and making sure that the quality of the soil is optimum for the germination of your…

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