Mulch Service

Mulch offers a lot more than a splash of color. Mulch acts as a natural barrier for stopping weeds and provides nutrients to the plants as it decays. Most importantly, it keeps the moisture on sunny or hot days. It offers additional moisture which is trapped in it. Therefore, the plants will have a better chance of surviving the hot summer days.

Another encouraging aspect of mulch is providing curb appeal and enhancing the value of a property. Mulching flower beds offers a better contrast between the flowers, trees and grass than regular soil. Mulch comes in different textures and color. Mulch is normally put down in the fall and spring, but it could be laid at any time of the year. You may think putting down mulch is easy, however it not that easy because it will not look good if it is done incorrectly. Not putting enough or putting too much next to a tree trunk may cause a trunk rot. ISR Gardening puts down mulch at either 2 or 3 inches depending on our customer's needs. We serve Thornhill, Woodbridge, Toronto, Etobicoke, and GTA region as well as surrounding towns.

Laying mulch around playgrounds is ideal, particularly under swing set where children may fall. Mulch is one of the best ways to enhance safety around playgrounds. If you need any help or would like to get a free quote, you can call ISR Gardening at (416) 831-7076 and we will be there for you.

Top Quality Garden Mulch

ISR Gardening Garden Mulch keeps your flower or plant beds looking their best. There are many types of mulch which are used in flower and plant beds. Call ISR Gardening today for assistance with your garden. Mulch serves as a defense against weeds and will prevent them from popping up.

Most times some homeowners take their gardens for granted thinking the problems will fix itself. But mulch service is one of the most helpful landscape care services that you can get. Don't just depend on anyone with your garden, trust only the professional at ISR Gardening. Sun affects mulch because it acts as a barrier. Mulch will help to keep the airways and sunlight from getting into the soil. However, there are pros and cons of the amount of mulch you need to help promote the growth of the roots beneath the soil.

Water Affecting Mulch

One of the pros of mulch is that water affects it in a different way. Water slowly enters into the soil through the mulch. You will be able to control the water that gets into the roots when ISR Gardening comes out to perform garden mulching on your land.

Best Types of Mulch

Cocoa Hulls

Cocoa hulls are used in mulch creation because they provide necessary nutrients that are needed to help plant and vegetables grow. Some of the hulls have an aroma that is pleasing to have in gardens since the halls may mold or compact if not properly taken care of.


Bark is one of the most used types of mulch. Bark usually comes in different ranges like chunks, chips and nuggets. Cypress and pine make up this continuous mulch as it will look attractive and last longer. You'll have something that helps promote growth.


Compost is used to enrich the soil. Although it may be too fine to overpower the growth of the weed. At ISR Gardening, we have top rated fertilizer that will make your garden to grow safely and effectively. We only make use of top quality products.

Landscape Fabric

The last thing that you need in your garden is weeds. Weeds can destroy the possibility of anything else growing. Fabrics can be used to prevent weed growth. We have quality landscape fabric that can be used in your garden.

Do you need garden mulching? You can call ISR Gardening at (416) 831-7076 for a free quote. We only want to give you the very best for your garden and lawn that you and your family will always enjoy.

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