Hedge Trimming Services

Hedges are ideal to provide privacy and act as a fence for your home. However, to get the best out of them, they need to be properly trimmed. Hedge trimming must be done frequently so as to get the best result, especially when the hedge is new and still growing to its ideal size. Trimming the hedge will make it grow thicker. If it’s not well trimmed, it will not look attractive, nor will it offer privacy. Not all hedges need to be trimmed every time. Some only grow during summer or spring and others are very slow growers, therefore once or twice a year is good.

Some hedges are taller than others and these make them more difficult to keep them tidy. It is not the simplest or the easiest job to cut an even swathe along the top of the hedge. When a hedge is not kept under control, it will look messy and spread out. It will take more space than it should. It can even get in the way when you mow the lawn.

If your hedge has suddenly become uncontrollable ISR Gardening are the ones that can put it back the way it should be. When you contact us we can come to your location on a regular basis, to tidy your yard through our hedge trimming service. You will definitely like the hedge once again.

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Tree Pruning Services

Tree Pruning

Many people love trees because trees add visual appeal and beauty to the property. But not all trees should be left to grow naturally because they will become more dangerous as they grow and may not give the shade that was expected. Tree pruning can prevent such problems as well as making your tree more attractive. Trees that are pruned will sprout many leaf branches down low so that they cast shade on the lawn. Their branches are down within the level of the eyes, so you get to see the lovely vegetation, rather than having it way up high where it is not noticeable.

Most times, branches grow very heavy and this can cause the tree to become top-heavy. Pruning a tree can make it safer, but it must be done by a professional because it can be quite dangerous. Most people don’t know how heavy a thin branch can be when it falls from up high. Trees branches are heavier than dead ones. Even if they are not too high to reach they can fall down and cause a lot of damage.

Hedges and trees are two landscape elements that provide your yard an exceptional flair. Does your hedge look like a fuzzy caterpillar because it has cobwebs, unruly twigs and untrimmed leaves sticking out everywhere? Are you sick of that one tree branch hanging over your sidewalks and dropping leaves everywhere? Contact ISR Gardening for your hedge trimming and pruning needs.

The Benefits of Hedge Trimming and Pruning

  • Reduce the strain that irrelevant branches cause.
  • Increased growth for non-fruit trees.
  • Encourage an increased fruit yield for fruit trees.
  • Increase safety for your family by removing precarious tree branches.
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Why Choose Us?

ISR Gardening will get your hedges trimmed and pruned properly which will enhance the curb appeal of your yard and home. We will trim your hedges with care and precision that will give sunlight deprived branches an opportunity to grow. You don’t need to settle for unpleasant hedges or uncomfortable tree branches – contact us today and you will get:

  • Efficient and Friendly service.
  • Properly trimmed hedges.
  • Safe environment for your family.
  • Increased tree growth.

Contact ISR Gardening today at (416) 831-7076 for all your hedge trimming and pruning services.

ISR Gardening Offer Hedge Trimming and Pruning Services in the Following Areas:

Thornhill – Thornhill Woods – Valleys of Thornhill – Upper Thornhill – Maple – Vaughan – Thornhill – North York

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