ISR Gardening helps Toronto home and commercial space owners control their weeds with effective and environmentally friendly solutions that deliver results.

We are dedicated to helping you maintain a healthy, thick, and green lawn with weed control services that let you enjoy your green space without the frustration and inconvenience of pests.

Lawn Weed Control

When deciding on lawn weed control companies, it’s important to do your research. You want to ensure the company you choose for your weed removal service understands how to treat your lawn in a way that will provide maximum protection and lasting results.

We make sure to tackle all the common weed spaces including sidewalk and driveway cracks, along the side of your home and even your eavestrough.

Our three-step solution can ensure the health of your lawn with professional lawn weed control and removal services that help your garden or green space grow into a healthy place to enjoy time with friends and family all year round.

Weed Control Services Toronto
Fertilizer Services Toronto

Fertilizer Services

A healthy lawn starts with ensuring your landscape is getting the proper nutrients and care it needs to grow and thrive. ISR provides fertilizer services that ensure your lawn grows thick and healthy without rotten or dead patches that can attract pests and bugs. We use only the best fertilizer products that encourage growth and provide lasting results.

Weed Control and Removal

Weeds are inevitable. ISR Gardening can help minimize the impact of weeds with environmentally friendly weed control and removal solutions that provide long-term treatment that prevents future weed growth. We specialize in providing effective weed control based on your specific lawn needs. We don’t just use any weed control products. We use products that are designed for your specific weed control needs so you never have to worry about unnecessary treatment exposure for your and your family.

Before we begin any weed control or removal program, we evaluate your landscape needs to determine your weed challenges.

The most common kind of weeds include:

  • Eastern bracken
  • Wild garlic
  • Striate knotweed
  • Russian thistle
  • Dandelions

Once we determine the kind of weed issues you are dealing with, we can prescribe the right kind of weed treatment. Remember weeds such as Hog Weed can be dangerous to humans, so if you are unsure about the kind of weeds in your garden, consult with a professional weed removal technician.

Weed Control and Removal Toronto
Insect Control Services Toronto

Insect Control

Weeds can encourage insects to flourish in your garden causing damage to your plants and grass. ISR Gardening provides complete insect control solutions that can save your garden from invasive species such as grubs and chinch bugs. We provide safe and affordable insect control solutions that will prevent damage to your garden and prevent weeds from becoming a nesting spot for bugs and insects.

Contact ISR Gardening today and discover why Toronto homeowners and trust us with all their weed control and removal services. We offer fast and friendly service at a price that fits your budget. Ask us about our scheduled weed control services so you never have to worry about keeping weeds in check.

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