Dogs are our loyal and trusted friends, but the gifts they leave behind aren’t always what we want. Though it is a natural behaviour, a dog popping on your lawn can do an incredible amount of damage.

There are many new and safe tools available for homeowners looking at how to stop dogs from peeing on their lawn. Dog repellent and barriers are just some of the more practical and affordable solutions to how to keep dogs off your lawn.

Whether you are dealing with your own dog’s behaviour or that of a neighbour’s dog, it is important to find a quick solution to prevent further damage to your lawn.

Check out these helpful hints to protect your lawn and deter pets from using it as their rest stop.

Dog Repellent

Dogs can quickly become accustomed to using your lawn as a pit stop on their daily walks. One of the easiest ways to send them on their way is the use of dog repellents.

There are many homemade and chemical-based dog deterrent spray options available that are designed to make a dog turn up its nose at a potential spot to relieve itself. Getting the right blend of smells and tastes is crucial to getting the mixture right.

The most popular plant-based options are a mixture of items you likely already have in your kitchen.

  • Garlic
  • Almond Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Vinegar
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Chilli powder

It is important to use discretion when applying repellents to popular rest stop locations. Cayenne pepper and chili powder can potentially harm animals, causing burns on their paws, nose, and eyes.

Start by using a milder solution and then progress to something stronger. If the mixture doesn’t work then stop and dry a professional solution from your local pet or hardware store.

Dog Repellent
putting barrier around garden Keep Dogs Off Your Lawn


If you are asking the question, how to stop neighbours from peeing in my yard, a barrier may be the solution. This can be as simple as installing a barrier that protects a certain area of your lawn, or the more expensive option of building a fence.

Before taking this step, talk with your neighbour to see if you can find a solution, such as encouraging the animal to go somewhere else or sharing the cost of building a fence.

If a fence isn’t possible, planting some shrubs or making adjustments to your landscaping may also help deter pets from causing damage to your lawn.


Installing sprinklers is an effective and humane way to keep a dog moving along when out for a walk.

When you see a dog about to make a stop on your lawn, turn on the sprinklers or choose to go with ones that have motion detectors. The minute a dog lifts its leg it will get the message loud and clear that your lawn is not the place to make a pit stop.

planting garden wisely keep dogs off

Plant Garden Wisely

There are lots of smells dogs love. Turkey, bacon, and cheese are just a few. But there are also a lot of smells that dogs hate, and planting your garden wisely utilizing plants they don’t love, is a great way to keep them off your lawn.

Some of the most popular dog repelling plants include:

Marigolds – these sunshine coloured flowers look great in your garden, but they have another benefit, keeping animals away. Dogs, cats and small animals such as rabbits dislike the smell of marigolds and will steer clear of them when strategically placed in your yard.

Lavender – We find it soothing, but animals think otherwise. Add a few plants to your garden and enjoy the sweet smell of success, keeping dogs away.

Curry Plant – As the name suggests, the curry plant has a strong smell that dogs avoid.

Scaredy-Cat Plant – Though it may seem like an oxymoron, the scaredy-cat plant is good at keeping dogs away too. Its pungent smell quickly deters dogs and cats alike from making a stop on your lawn.


Fertilizers don’t just improve the look of your garden, they are also an excellent dog lawn repellent. A blend of organic fertilizer can quickly send dogs running in the other direction. Why? The smell of other organic material than their own is confusing and may lead them to believe there is another bigger animal around.

It is important to only use organic fertilizers that do not contain any chemicals as these can be poisonous to pets and people. Consult with your landscaping or garden expert on which fertilizer will work best at keeping dogs away. Fertilizers that contain organic matter such as animal by-products like bones and fish, may have the opposite effect. So read the ingredients carefully.

organic fertilizers using
professional landscaping and gardening experts

Going With Pros

The best way to keep dogs off your lawn is to consult with a professional. Landscaping and gardening experts have the tools and know-how to keep pets off your lawn permanently.

They can do a thorough examination of your lawn to ensure there is nothing that might attract an animal, then create both natural and landscaping solutions to deter furry visitors.

Professionals can also return your lawn to its lush and healthy beginnings by making any repairs and treating your lawn to prevent further damage with the health and safety of pets and their owners in mind.

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