Maintaining a perfectly manicured green lawn is no easy task. Sometimes Ontario homeowners are subject to unrelenting heatwaves and high temperatures, putting your property at increased risk of turning dry and brown. In this article, the ISR Gardening team looks at why your yard turns brown and what you can do to keep it greener all summer long. And remember, if you don’t have the time or desire to keep your lawn looking great, you can always contact the landscaping experts at ISR Gardening to help you out. We can offer the best lawn care tips for summer and will guarantee protection from the summer heat!

What Causes Your Lawn’s Color to Fade?

Ready for summer lawn care tips? If you want to know how to keep your grass looking its healthiest, you need to also identify makes your grass turn brown. It’s especially hard to maintain a green lawn in southern Ontario with dramatic swings in temperatures all year long. The quick swings from spring to summer to fall can put a lot of stress on your lawn. Nevertheless, here are some typical reasons why your green lawn turns brown and how summer lawn maintenance can help. 

Improper Watering: If you’re watering your lawn too little or too much it will keep the root system from getting the saturation it needs to thrive. Time of day also matters. If you water too early in the day, the water will evaporate before it has time to penetrate the soil. If you water too late in the day, there will be too much water lying in the grass.

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Improper Mowing: So how often should you mow your lawn in the summer? The times you decide to mow your lawn can be essential to lawn health. If you cut the grass too short, it can cause your lawn to burn and keep the roots from reaching proper development. You’ll run into a similar issue if you wait too long between mowings. 

Insects or Disease: The warm summer months mean that you’re more likely to encounter issues with disease or insects. The symptoms of insect or disease infestation include brown spots appearing on your lawn that cannot be remedied with proper watering. 

Excess Traffic: Lawns are meant to be admired but also to be played on. If you have kids, chances are that parts of your lawn will turn brown or wear out with regular use and traffic. Lots of usage puts a lot of stress on your lawn.

How to Keep Your Lawn Green in the Summer

Summer lawn care is so important. Maintaining an evenly green and healthy lawn in the summer is not impossible. Even through the driest, hottest summer you can keep a healthy-looking yard by following these tips for a beautiful lawn. 

Choose the right grass: Different grass seed or turf types do better depending on the climate they’re grown in. Check the grower’s instructions and recommendations for the best temperature ranges and whether the grass you’ve chosen does better in shady or sunny spots.

Water deeply and less often: You don’t need to water your lawn every day! Too much water can keep your water from thriving. In the summer, when it’s really hot, try giving your lawn a really good soak once or twice a week. 

Water early: Many people believe that watering your lawn early in the day is the best time. It’s not too hot so the water won’t evaporate too quickly. Also, the sun will still have time to hit the grass, meaning that your lawn won’t get waterlogged.

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Mow high: Don’t cut your grass too short because this puts a lot of stress on the lawn. Grass that’s too short also makes your lawn more vulnerable to disease and invasive insects. 

Maintain your mower: Make sure your blade is properly sharpened. Trying to mow your lawn with a blunted blade will not yield the results you need to maintain a healthy lawn. 

Don’t mow in the sun: Mowing in the high heat of midday means that your soil is more exposed to the sun’s rays.

Fertilize: You can’t go wrong fertizliing your lawn in the summer. Using the right kind of and proper amount of fertilizer can go a long way to keep your lawn as green as possible. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully for application directions and maintenance tips for optimal results.

Traffic: Try to keep people off parts of your lawn by landscaping paths made from concrete or stones. This will elevate the look of your landscaping and keep your lawn looking greener for longer. 

Take Care of Weeds: Don’t let your weeds thrive through the summer. It’s hard to pay attention when there’s so much fun going on and you’re away on vacation. But letting the weeds win can choke your lawn and quickly turn it brown. 

Aerate Your Lawn: Aerating your lawn in summer is the best way to make sure that your root system gets the water it needs to thrive. Aerating your lawn puts tiny holes in the ground that allows water to travel directly into the roots so it can’t evaporate too quickly. 

Pest Control: There are special products available from your local gardening centre in liquid or granular form that you can apply to your lawn safely to control insects and unwanted pests. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and check against local health codes for the legality of their uses.

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It’s one of the hardest outdoor tasks for any homeowner to achieve successfully. You don’t always have the time or skill to maintain a perfectly manicured lawn on your own. That’s why you need to get the landscaping experts from ISR Gardening to help. Ask us about our basic maintenance plans to help you keep your lawn looking its best all summer long. Contact us today for your free consultation and to book an appointment.