Commercial landscaping services can apply to a variety of properties, including office buildings, retail centers, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and other commercial properties. Some common types of commercial landscaping services include:

  • Lawn care and maintenance – this includes mowing, edging, trimming, and fertilizing the lawn to keep it healthy and vibrant.
  • Landscape design and installation – this includes creating a custom landscape design that is tailored to the property’s unique features and installing plants, trees, and other elements to enhance the beauty of the space.
  • Irrigation system installation and maintenance – this includes designing and installing an efficient irrigation system to keep the landscape healthy and well-hydrated, as well as providing ongoing maintenance to ensure that the system operates at peak efficiency.
  • Hardscape design and installation – this includes creating custom pathways, patios, retaining walls, and other elements that add functionality and visual appeal to the outdoor space.
  • Seasonal services – this includes tasks such as leaf removal, snow removal, and planting seasonal flowers to keep the landscape looking fresh and inviting year-round.

Commercial landscaping services can help improve the curb appeal and functionality of any commercial property, creating a welcoming and attractive environment for employees, customers, and visitors alike.

When you run a commercial business, condominium condo board, an institution, etc… appearance is everything.

The experts at ISR Gardening have put together a list of the most important landscaping services for commercial properties and why it’s crucial to hire a professional to maintain them and perform your other commercial landscape services.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawns are tricky to keep alive and looking lush. And commercial properties tend to be larger and therefore have a lot of lawn to maintain. If you’re a busy business owner, you probably don’t have time to mow the lawn yourself. That’s why when you sign up for lawn care services with ISR Gardening, you are guaranteed to get a great lawn and you’ll never have to think about watering, cutting, or fertilizing.

Our team will personally monitor the status of your lawn throughout the growing season and adjust accordingly. We’ll also prepare in the spring and put it to bed for the winter.

Tree and Shrub Care

Trees and shrubs are a fantastic way to add shade and a ton of character to your commercial property. But if you want them to grow and thrive, then you’ll need to hire professionals to take care of them. We prune, weed, trim and perform general maintenance to keep all of your greenery looking its liveliest.

Clients will recognize right away that the care you put into maintaining the look of your property is probably equal to the care you take every day with their business. It’s just that simple.

Flower Bed Maintenance

Beautiful flower beds are highly coveted by so many commercial property owners, but the thought of maintaining them and even getting them to grow well in the first place is a daunting prospect. Thankfully, with the help of the landscaping experts at ISR Gardening, you can get instant flower beds that are taken care of for you all year long.

From spring to fall, we’ll make sure that your flower beds are full of the season’s most stunning blooms. Make your clients feel right at home in the beautiful space you’ve created with ISR Gardening’s renowned flower bed maintenance service packages.

Irrigation System Management

If you want your flowers, trees, grass, and shrubs to do their very best all summer long, then you’ll need a proper irrigation or sprinkler system to maximize how they all grow and flourish.

ISR Gardening’s landscaping experts have extensive experience setting up efficient and effective irrigation systems for all of your natural needs on your commercial property.

Install Hardscape Elements

Your hardscape elements are what you base the rest of your commercial landscaping design on. Adding retaining walls where necessary and even decorative boulders are all simple ways to elevate the look of your space.

Hardscaping is one of the most expensive aspects of a commercial landscaping renovation, but well worth the investment when you consider the effect it will likely have on business.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Now that you’ve installed your dream garden and hardscaping elements on your commercial property, it’s time to add some commercial outdoor lighting. Your clients should be able to note your commitment to beautifying your outdoor space even in the dark of the night.

Strategically placed flood lights and ambient lighting can make your property look just as impressive when the sun goes down, whether it’s from the roadway or driving up to the front door. And don’t forget about holiday lighting! Be a festive destination on your street and fill your clients with the holiday spirit.

Remove Snow and Ice

Living in southern Ontario, you know how brutal the roads can be in the winter. That’s why you can’t risk your clients not being able to make it to your business.

With ISR Gardening, we have a fleet of snow plowers and ice crews ready for dispatch at the first sign of a winter storm. We’ll ensure your walkways, driveways, and parking lots are cleared as soon as possible.

Snow Removal Toronto

Remove Trash and Debris

Keeping your outdoor space clean and tidy is also essential for a good impression. Sometimes, when the snow melts in the spring or on a windy day can send garbage and debris flying all over the property.

ISR Gardening has cleanup crews who specialize in the quick and efficient disposal of trash and yard waste as it collects. We work discreetly to get the job done fast.

Pest Control 

Even the most beautiful gardens are susceptible to grubs, locusts, beetles, and other vermin that can wreck your lawn or kill your greenery. All ISR Gardening landscaping professionals are trained in pest control to spot the signs early, locate the culprits, and get rid of them for good.

We also practice prevention, greatly reducing the likelihood that you’ll require pest control in the first place.

Landscape Design 

Taking on a commercial landscaping project by yourself can seem like an impossible job. It’s hard to know what goes with what and what hardscaping or softscaping features will work best with growth and drainage.

At ISR Gardening, we take care of all the landscaping details for you. Give us your vision and we’ll let you know how to bring it to life with a competitively priced care package and exceptional customer service.

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Keeping your commercial property pristinely landscaped is a key investment for any business owner in the Greater Toronto Area. From turf care to weed control and tree work to property maintenance, the landscaping professionals at ISR Gardening have you covered.

Contact us right now to book your appointment and find out how we can transform your commercial property into something truly beautiful.