Fall is the ideal time for aeration and dethatching. However, if your lawn looks patchy and firmly packed after a harsh weather condition, engaging in this process during the spring will restore the look of the yard for a long time.

ISR Gardening Aeration Service

What does lawn aeration mean? Aeration involves driving spikes or cores into the ground to bring flooded soil to the surface and bring fresh air to the lawn. The procedure helps to decrease soil compaction. Lawn aeration comprises of perforating the soil with little holes to allow water, nutrients and air to penetrate the grassroots. This will help the roots to grow and produce a more vigorous lawn.

The main purpose of aerating is to improve soil compaction. Compacted soils have excessive solid particles in a certain volume, this will reduce the circulation of water, nutrients and air within the soil. Excessive lawn thatch or heavy organic debris buried under the grass surface can also disrupt the root from getting essential elements. This is why aeration is needed to ensure your lawn get the vital nutrients to grow.

Isr Gardening Aeration Service Toronto
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Benefits Of Aeration Include:

  • Improved air exchange
  • Reduced soil compaction
  • Improved resiliency and cushioning
  • Improved water penetration
  • Reduced water runoff and pudding
  • Improved fertilizer uptake and use
  • Improved rooting

Aerators come in both powered and manual versions. Manual aerators is just like a simple push lawn mowers, with the main axis spinning between two wheels – however, the axis on manual aerators are covered in hollow spikes rather than cutting blades. Engine aerator is similar to gasoline powered engine mowers, but, they feature jagged spikes. Manual aerators are cheaper but require more power, whereas engine aerators are expensive but easy to use. You can contact ISR Gardening for more information about aeration.

ISR Gardening Dethatching Services

Just like aerators, dethatchers come in powered and manual versions. Powered dethatchers also known as vertical mower are very heavy. You can dethatch grass manually by making use of a specialty dethatching rake or a steel rake. You’d run a powered dethatcher in parallel rows, which is similar to the way you mow a lawn.

To know more about what dethatching is, you must know the meaning of thatch. Thatch involves a tightly intermingled layer of dead and living stems, roots and leaves which accumulates between the layer of a growing grass and the soil underneath. ISR Gardening understands all this and they have capable experts that know more about this process. Thatch is a normal component of an actively growing turf grass which can increase the flexibility of the turf to heavy traffic. Thatch develops more on high-maintenance lawns than on low-maintenance lawns.

Dethatching machines are also known as verticutters, vertical mowers, dethatchers or power rakes have vertically spinning blades that will pull some of the material to the surface as they slice the thatch layer. ISR Gardening has the essential equipment, machinery and experts to perform this time-consuming task. Does your lawn need to be dethatched? Call us now at (416) 831-7076 and let ISR Gardening professionals take a look at your lawn.

Benefits Of Dethatching Include:

  • Recover lawn from moss.
  • Reseed green grass by removing thatch.
  • Remove acidic pine needles for a better lawn.
  • Effective draining.
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Lawn Aeration Service Toronto

Hiring Qualified and Reliable Company

If you want to spend some money and save yourself the stress of dethatching your lawn, this is the right time to contact a reliable company. The amount it will cost depends on your lawn size. One of the benefits of hiring professional company is to speed up the process and also perform a clean-up job.

We offer a liquid, natural aeration that can be applied in the late spring. If you prefer to aerate mechanically, we have an aeration machine which is part of the services we offer. We will run it over your yard and pull cylindrical plugs of soil out of your lawn. ISR Gardening offers aeration and dethatching services in Thornhill, Woodbridge, Toronto, and all GTA area. Contact us today and we will be ready to work with you.

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