ISR Gardening Overseeding Service

This is the ideal time for your landscape to look green and beautiful. You can put an end to brown spots, thinning grass and patches. ISR Gardening overseeding service makes use of products and equipment that deliver results. You deserve a thick, even lawn you can be proud of. Make it yours with our overseeding service today.

Our Overseeding Service Includes:

  • Strategic seed coverage for even growth.
  • Inspection of your lawn to identify patchy, thinning areas.
  • Careful application to protect existing healthy turf.
  • Timely service in the fall for optimal results.

Do you want to revitalize your lawn and fill in bare spots? Overseeding is definitely the answer. This is particularly true if you have an older lawn. As a professional in overseeding, ISR Gardening knows that, as your lawn ages, it becomes weaker and starts to break down. But when you overseed, you are basically changing the old with the new which will produce a lush, green lawn.

ISR Gardening Overseeding Service
ISR Gardening Overseeding Service Toronto

Signs You Need Overseeding

The procedure for overseeding involves planting grass seed into existing lawn. It’s a step that can help you get a healthier, thicker lawn with stronger natural resistance to insects, weeds, extreme weather conditions and diseases. But how would you know if your lawn needs overseeding? Check for these signs:

  • You’re seeing brown patches scattered around your yard.
  • You have an older home – with an older lawn that hasn’t ever been re-seeded or aerated.
  • Areas are starting to thin out or you’re noticing bald spots.
  • The grass is looking limp, ragged and weak.

When to Overseed

Generally speaking, the best time to perform overseeding in Thornhill or Toronto area is in the late summer or in early fall. When you do, you are not exposing the new seed to tough summer temperatures and this will also give the new grass time to get established before winter rolls around. Just make sure that, before overseeding, do not fertilize your lawn. Fertilization may produce vigorous growth of your current grass, this will limit the capability for new seeds to get established and flourish.

Get More Information from Our Experts in Overseeding

At ISR Gardening, we are the experts in overseeding for a reason. Not just because can we help you choose the ideal mixture of grass seed that will perform best in your lawn, but we also depend on our equipment to distribute it. Making use of ground metered technology, it ensures even growth and no clumpy or thin patches. You will get to see a healthier, thicker greener lawn in the weeks and months that follow.

Whether you live in Thornhill, Woodbridge, Toronto, Etobicoke, or GTA region, getting started with our overseeding services is simple and easy. Contact ISR Gardening today at (416) 831-7076 to set-up your free consultation and get more information about what we offer.

Overseeding Lawn Care Toronto
Professional and Reliable Overseeding Service by ISR Gardening Services Toronto

Overseeding Process

Overseeding services offered by ISR Gardening include the use of premium grass seed, good aeration and regular watering for strong root systems. This combination of overseeding, aeration your cool-season lawn in the fall will create thick, green turf next spring. All cool-season lawns, which stay green year-round, needs special attention every fall in order to maintain a healthy turf grass for the next growing season.

Bluegrass lawns must be re-established from seed every fall to change any thin or barren areas of your turf. Cool-season grasses are best seeded from August to October in order for the new seed to grow and for plants to establish a strong root system before winter. Watering after overseeding and aeration is critical for the first 7 to 10 days; this will help the root systems to become established.

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Professional and Reliable Overseeding Service

Is your lawn looking unhealthy or patchy? Our diagnostic lawn services can assist you to find out the exact problem. Call us at (416) 831-7076 for more details. Overseeding is most effective when done immediately after lawn aeration. The holes in the soil created from aeration allow for a greater seed to soil contact. This will provide more efficient, even seed germination. If your lawn is thin, worn or compressed, consider getting an overseeding service. ISR Gardening will open your l