If you want the nicest looking lawn on your street then you need to enlist the help of Milton’s master landscaping team at ISR Gardening. We offer premium landscaping services in Milton to all homeowners and business owners looking to elevate the look of their landscaping and boost the resale value of their properties.

With our lawn care experts on your side, you can achieve a lush, green lawn in no time. From sodding to lawn maintenance — trust our team to create something beautiful for your family.


Seeding vs. Sodding

There’s no doubt that planting your grass seed is cheaper than sodding. But what you can save in money, you’ll likely lose on time spent maintaining and nurturing the grass seed to grow thickly and without bald patches. With seeds, you need the perfect weather and watering regimen to give yourself the best chance at success.

But with sod, it’s much more resilient and just needs regular watering. Also, seeds have to be planted in a certain time of the year whereas sod can be laid down anytime between April and November.

Landscaping Services Milton 

When it comes to our clients, ISR Gardening believes in a collaborative working arrangement with all of our valued customers. Looking for good landscapers in Milton is a daunting task because these projects are a huge commitment.

That’s why we help you pick the right kind of sod and other features for your landscaping layout to ensure you’re completely satisfied with what you’ve paid for.

Landscaping Company Milton 

ISR Gardening always provides premium landscaping services when it comes to lawn mowing service, sodding and more. Milton homeowners prefer the care of our trusted landscaping technicians.

We understand how important it is to have landscaping that you’re proud of — whether that’s for your family to enjoy or to get the most out of selling your home.

Pros and Cons of Seeding

Seeding Pros

  • Get the perfect seed that can survive in your property’s unique sun-shade ratio 
  • Many different types of grass seeds to choose from
  • Very strong root system because you’ve grown the grass from seedlings 
  • Lower overall cost at the beginning 

Seeding Cons

  • Timing must be perfect or your lawn won’t turn out well
  • There can be a lot of weeding to do because weeds will try to grow alongside the grass 
  • Grass seed needs a lot of watering and attention at the start 
  • Your first seeding attempt could fail because of poor weather

Pros and Cons of Sodding

Sodding Pros

  • No weeds for a long time 
  • Improve your home’s resale value 
  • Good to cover all types of terrain and elevation 
  • Beautiful grass almost instantly 
  • Can start walking on your lawn soon after installation

Sodding Cons

  • If not installed by an expert, your lawn can shrink exposing dirt and seams between sod rolls 
  • Not as much choice when it comes to sod vs seeding
  • Doesn’t always do the best on shady properties 
  • Needs a lot of water at the start 
  • More expensive than seeding 

Lawn Replacement & Sodding Services in Milton

Are you in need of Milton lawn services? ISR Gardening works with only the best landscaping technicians so you can rest easy knowing that the professionals will get the job done for you. We believe in honesty, communication, and an upfront pricing model with the most competitive rates in the Greater Toronto Area. Call ISR Gardening today to book your free consultation