Sodding is the process of placing rolls of grass on top of the soil so it can take root. Sod is pre-grown by a farmer and pre-cut into mats that can be easily installed in your yard. These mats are made up of grass and a layer of soil held together by roots. When you’re looking to replace your lawn it is recommended to opt for sod rather than seeding for a number of reasons. The pros at ISR Gardening have the tools and expertise to have your sodding installation complete in no time, so call us today!

Seeding vs Sodding in Newmarket

There are a number of things to consider when deciding between the sod installation option or going with grass seeding and watering – and a whole lot of patience. The most notable difference will have cost. You’ll know the upfront cost of sod is much higher than the seeding route, but after you account for labour, water, seed, and likely reseeding spots, the difference could very well be negligible.

When it comes to maintenance, sodding requires far less love than the grass seed, and this is especially true during the germination stage. It is recommended that you water newly seeded grass four to six times a day to assist with this process. By contrast, you can get away with watering your new sod twice a day after installation.

It takes approximately 18 months for your lawn to mature should you opt for grass seed, leaving you with a yard full of soil for a significant amount of time. An empty soil bed can be muddy and even lead to erosion. The reason sod is so popular is because the grass is pre-cut and can be installed in hours to immediately provide you with a fresh green lawn and it only takes roughly two weeks to establish roots.

Seeding vs sodding in newmarket
Sodding in newmarket

No matter which direction you take, you might consider getting your soil tested so you can prepare the area and determine which type of lawn repair is going to guarantee a great-looking lawn.

If you have sandy soil on your property, this is the perfect type of ground for laying new turf. If your yard happens to consist more heavily of clay, you should be adding peat moss or organic compost so that you can capture even more moisture in the ground for your turf’s roots to take hold.

Sodding Installation Process in Newmarket

ISR Gardening is proud to offer full-service sodding installation in Newmarket. We understand finding a reliable sod installation company can be tough, but that’s why we are always here for you and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

There’s a little more to laying sod than simply tossing the dirt side down and giving it some water. We’ll take proper steps to ensure sodding can take root, including:

Our sodding installation process includes:

  • Level your ground
  • Remove any existing turf
  • Dispose of the waste
  • Install and roll new turf
  • Fertilizing the soil prior to the installation of new sod
  • Topsoil or compost may be added if desired
  • Rolling of the sod to create good sod to soil contact
Sodding installation process in newmarket
Lawn replacement and sodding services in newmarket

Lawn Replacement and Sodding Services in Newmarket

There are more than aesthetic benefits to a lush green lawn. A healthy lawn helps to improve the quality of air, reduces dust, prevents erosion, and even reduces noise. When homeowners in Newmarket need a lawn replacement, they think of ISR Gardening. Our experienced lawn replacement contractors have the equipment and knowledge to deliver a quality installation every single time. Contact us today and leave all your sodding needs with us.