Do you need Oakville lawn services? Do you want your lawn to be the nicest on the block? Then you need the help of a fantastic team of experts like the ones at ISR Gardening. Our squad of lawn care specialists will help you create a lush, green lawn in no time at all.

What’s our secret? We specialize in all aspects of sodding and sod installation — the only way to get an instantly beautiful lawn that compliments your home’s overall landscaping aesthetic.

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Seeding vs. Sodding

While seeding is less expensive with upfront installation costs, you also need to consider the amount of time needed to nurture grass during its entire life cycle. It’s tough to obtain the perfect weather, watering and fertilizing circumstances, leading to uneven and sometimes patchy grass.

Another great thing about sodding is that you can lay it down anywhere from April to November, whereas seeding forces you to stick to a very strict timeline.

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It’s essential to select a landscaping company that you can trust to guide you through the process of beautifying your home and garden – that’s why ISR Gardening is renowned for its collaborative practices of landscaping in Oakville.

Landscaping projects are a huge endeavour for homeowners and business owners because there’s a lot of pressure to choose the right materials that will hold up for years to come.

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When Oakville residents are in search of lawn care services for landscape design or gardening, they turn to the professional landscaping crews at ISR Gardening to deliver the very finest services in seeding, sodding, lawn mowing service and so much more. A well-maintained property is so important for the quality of life — not to mention resale value — and our gardening experts are extremely aware of this fact.

Pros and Cons of Seeding

Seeding Pros

  • Lower price upfront 
  • More different species of grass for you to choose from
  • Pick the seed that is perfect for your sun-shade ratio that’s unique to every property
  • Overall stronger root system because that’s the first thing to grow

Seeding Cons

  • You might have to start from the beginning if you have bad luck with the weather or a failure to germinate 
  • You will likely experience a lot of weed growth in the spring 
  • Timing must be perfect or you won’t get a nice lawn
  • Grass seed needs a lot of attention and watering in the beginning

Pros and Cons of Sodding

Sodding Pros

  • Achieve beautiful grass in an instant
  • Will increase your home’s value
  • Easy to cover includes slopes on your property 
  • Can walk on top of it within a week following installation 
  • No weeds for a long time because sod has been grown in a carefully curated environment

Sodding Cons

  • More expensive than seeding 
  • Not as many types of grass for you to choose from 
  • Doesn’t grow well in the shade and benefits more from direct sunlight 
  • Can shrink and leave bald patches if not installed by a professional
  • Needs to be constantly watered in the beginning

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Do you need expert Oakville lawn service? Join the group of extremely satisfied customers who have grown to love and trust the friendly landscaping crews at ISR Gardening. Our knowledgeable technicians will take the time to answer all your questions and help you design the beautiful landscaping project you deserve. Contact ISR today to book your consultation.