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You should never overlook the importance of a healthy green lawn – it improves the overall look of your property and it increases the value of your home. But how do you know if you should choose seeding over sodding? That depends on your goals and the climate you live in.

Oshawa is no stranger to changing seasons. These all play a role in the ability to grow grass. Fortunately for Oshawa homeowners, the experts at ISR Gardening can recommend the best practices in all sorts of different weather conditions.

Seeding vs Sodding

When it comes to deciding between seeding vs sod, here are some important things to know:


Seeding is a longer process as the root system needs more time to establish. It also requires routine watering and a few rounds of seeding to achieve the best results.


Sodding companies are often preferred because they can install a lush green lawn, likely on the same day, that you can begin using almost instantly. There are more upfront costs associated with sod, but when you factor in the time, energy, and water used for seed, there isn’t much of a difference. 

And because sod is grown on a farm in a highly controlled environment, the chances of weeds growing are very slim. Sod is also a great choice for hills and slopes as seed typically washes away.

Sod installation services in Toronto

Sodding Installation Process

The sod installation process is rather straightforward, we will remove all the old turf, prepare the soil, and roll out the new sod and ensure everything fits properly.

A regular watering schedule will be needed during the first few weeks following the installation.

Lawn Replacement & Sodding Services in Oshawa

A lush green lawn is something that can be enjoyed by the whole family. It’s not only more aesthetically pleasing, but it also improves the functionality of the land in terms of drainage.

ISR Gardening’s team of professional designers and landscapers have years of industry experience. We specialize in creating breathtaking designs that exceed our customer’s expectations. If you’re searching for the best lawn care near me, look no further than ISR Gardening.

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Front yard landscaping and the lawn are usually the first things people notice about a property. That’s why our team of designers will work with you to understand all of your goals and develop a plan to bring this vision to life. Interlocking, lawn care, tree planting, and more – we are the landscaping experts you can rely on.

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There’s a reason ISR Gardening has become a trusted name among landscaping service companies in Oshawa and beyond. ISR Gardening is proud to offer lawn aeration, mowing, fertilizing, end-of-season cleanup, weed control, mulch, snow removal, and more.

So call us today and find out why homeowners turn to us to help make their properties the talk of the town.