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When it comes to installing a lush new lawn for your home, whether it’s a new sod or grass seed, you’ll want to ensure you’re using quality sod and seed. And when it comes to choosing either sod or seed, it depends on your overall needs and goals and the growing conditions of the climate. When it comes to Pickering, hot summers and cold, snowy winters are the norm.

These different weather conditions can make things difficult when it comes to soil conditions, so a new sod installation is likely the easiest way to proceed. Seeding takes weeks and even months to establish a root system, while sod gives you a healthy green lawn instantly. When you’re looking for the top sodding companies near me, look no further than our team at ISR Gardening.

Seeding vs. Sodding


There is a wider variety of grass seed options and thickness to select from when it comes to seed. And because of the diverse seed options to choose from, the chances of you achieving a healthy lawn is much higher.

That being said, there are many obstacles associated with seeding, it’s a much longer process, and the root system needs more time to establish. Therefore you will need to reseed areas that are showing poor growth.


Choosing a sod installation means you’ll have a lush green lawn far sooner, and you can use your lawn sooner too.

When you’re seeding your lawn, you’ll have to stay off it for weeks, or even months in order for proper development.

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Sodding Installation Process

The sod installation process is typically over within the day, meaning you can enjoy the new lawn almost instantly. First, we remove the old turf and prepare the soil.

Once the soil is properly prepared, long strips of sod will be rolled out to form your new lawn. You will need to ensure you regularly water the new sod so that the root system develops properly.

Lawn Replacement and Sodding Services in Pickering

A healthy green lawn makes a difference on how you use your property. Not only is it pleasant to look at, but it creates more space to enjoy with loved ones.

In order for your lawn to look as good as it can, you’ll want to ensure you hire a trusted and knowledgeable lawn and gardening company so you can enjoy your new lawn for years to come.

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Our design team will work with you to create a plan to transform the property and our team of expert landscapers will work diligently to bring that vision to life. ISR Gardening is the number one spot for landscaping services in Pickering and the surrounding area.

Whether it’s shrub and tree planting or maintenance, sodding, routine lawn care, or patio installation, there is no job we can’t handle.

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ISR Gardening handles lawn aeration, mowing, fertilizing, end-of-season cleanup, weed control, mulch, snow removal, and more. Call us today to get started!