A properly maintained lawn can improve your quality of life, the look of your home and the resale value of your property, so you wouldn’t trust just anybody with your lawn — would you?

The landscaping experts at ISR Gardening provide top-rated lawn care services in Uxbridge that can transform your dead and dying grass in just a matter of hours. We have the best sod in Uxbridge and offer regular lawn maintenance for all of our clients.

When Is the Best Time for Sodding and Lawn Care Service in Uxbridge?

The best time to lay sod in Uxbridge is during the spring or fall seasons because it’s not too hot and there’s typically more rainfall which helps your new sod take root and cut down your watering costs. Sod can be installed anytime during the summer, however, it will require a lot more watering and maintenance to ensure your new grass grows healthy and strong.

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Our Uxbridge Sodding Designed For You

In today’s world where we want everything instantly, a healthy-looking lawn is no exception, and it’s possible with sodding installation and maintenance by ISR Gardening.


Instant Lawn

Seeding takes weeks or even months to see results but sodding helps you get a new lawn right away. As soon as the sod is rolled out, it looks green and vibrant. Just add (lots of) water.

Healthy, Thicker Lawn

Seeding may not get the thick and healthy lawn you envisioned but with sodding installation ISR Gardening, there’s no chance of a patchy mess, just a lush and even layer of grass covering your property that’s far less likely to grow weeds.


Economical & Environmentally Friendly

Sodding uses far less water than seeding. After the new sod installation, the new grass must be watered every day for two weeks. Meanwhile, grass seed is far more work requiring you to water four times a day, every day for 30 days until the seeds germinate.

Instant Property Value

Looking to move soon? You probably don’t have months to get your lawn in shape. Our expert sodding services can completely change the look of your home’s landscaping in a few days.

Prevents Soil Erosion

Sodding acts as a protective shield over the dirt underneath. When it rains, water is more evenly dispersed across the property. Water that does get through is very slow, allowing it to soak deep into the soil rather than flow away and carry your precious soil with it.

Why You Need Sodding in Uxbridge

Expert sod installers at ISR Gardening can tackle any layout challenge. Our teams remove any old grass, rocks and debris before adding a fresh layer of topsoil, followed by premium rolls of sod. Our methods allow for seamless installation, guaranteed to grow if a simple watering guide is followed.

Sodding Installation Process

Sod installation is a quick way for homeowners to enjoy a new lawn. It begins by removing the old turf and prepping the soil. Then, new sod strips are laid down. Regular watering helps it settle into the ground for years of healthy growth.

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Lawn Replacement & Sodding Services in Uxbridge

Your lawn serves various purposes, from enhancing curb appeal to a fun space for quality time with friends and family. This is why it’s important to have a healthy, lush lawn that can be enjoyed all year round.

To ensure your lawn stays in the best shape, it’s essential to consult with experienced sod installers in Uxbridge who can provide not only a visually pleasing lawn but also one that will make it last for years to come.

Putting your trust in a team of professionals who understand the ins and outs of lawn installation and maintenance removes the stress from replacing your lawn. Whether you opt for seeding or sodding, rest assured that your lawn will be prepared and cared for correctly.

Expert Landscaping Services Uxbridge

Besides delivering the best sod installation in Uxbridge, ISR Gardening specializes in other types of Uxbridge lawn care, to offer you a full range of services that will keep your property looking its best.

Lawn Aeration

Using a large machine called an aerator, we stamp holes into the ground that allow water to get more direct access to your lawn’s root system, promoting thicker, healthier grass.

lawn aeration by ISR Gardening
overseeding services in Uxbridge


Overseeding is a great solution for patchy spots. When you overseed, you change the old grass with the new. This process involves spreading grass seed on top of the current lawn, keeping the ground constantly wet until the seeds germinate. For better results, fertilizer can also be added.

Lawn Mowing

Regular lawn mowing is essential for strong grass to withstand different weather conditions, including storms and hail. When grass is consistently kept at the right height, it will grow more evenly and improve the overall lawn health.

It keeps your grass at the right height, promotes even growth, and improves your overall lawn health.

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Lawn Fertilizer Service

Fertilizers use a specially engineered combination of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to stimulate grass growth, defend from weeds and repel grass-eating insects and vermin.

Why Hire A Professional Sodding Company?

Hiring an experienced, fully insured team like ISR Gardening simply ensures that you’re going to get high-quality results at an affordable price. For the best lawn care services in Uxbridge, contact ISR Gardening to get your free estimate.