Have you ever wanted to have your lawn to be the envy of Woodbridge? Are you sick of coming home to a dying, patchy lawn after driving past lush green lawns? We feel your pain. The good news is ISR Gardening is here to help! We have a team of sod installation experts that are happy to help make your lawn the talk of the town.

Seeding vs Sodding

The reason sod is becoming so popular is that it comes pre grown and is very easy to maintain. Assuming you receive adequate rainfall, your new lawn will be ready for use in just a few weeks and won’t require backbreaking labour. To speed up the process, a sodded lawn basically needs to be watered twice a day a couple of weeks after it’s planted. Sod is typically grown on a sod farm by experts before it is rolled up and shipped to the homeowner.

When compared to sod, seeding is:

  • Less expensive when it comes to the upfront cost but is more demanding when you consider maintenance during the growth process
  • Due to the imperfect growing conditions the grass seed is likely to experience, it is unlikely that all seeds grow evenly

Should you choose to explore sodding over seeding, you have the entire growing period between April and November to install the pre grown lawn and root system whereas seeding binds you to a tighter schedule.


Seeding Pros:

  • Larger selection of grass types and options to consider
  • Different blends on the market, including those tailored for sun or shade conditions, along with disease resistant 
  • Lower upfront price
  • Stronger initial root system

Seeding Cons:

  • Timing is everything when it comes to seeding – you’ll have to do this in either the spring or fall
  • High probability of springtime weeds
  • A dense lawn will take time to develop
  • Reseeding may be necessary should you face poor germination, washouts, or irrigation
  • New, young seedlings need a lot of attention – consistent water will be necessary

Sodding Pros:

  • Have a new lawn almost instantly
  • Can walk on soon after installation
  • Reduces amount of dust, mud, and erosion
  • Weed free because the sod is grown in a controlled environment
  • Works very well when hoping to have grass covering slopes and inclines
  • Increase home value

Sodding Cons:

  • Higher initial price tag
  • Less selection available
  • Not intended to be shade tolerant 
  • Should you receive less rain than you typically do, it will be necessary to water sod often
  • Sod can shrink if it is not properly installed

Sodding Installation Process Woodbridge

The installation of sod is certainly not rocket science. Fresh grass is cut and rolled up and shipped to homeowners and distributors. These rolls can be installed in your yard in no time, and with a little love and attention, you and your family will be enjoying your lush green lawn in a matter of days.

Lawn Replacement & Sodding Services In Woodbridge

When people think of new turf installation in Woodbridge and the surrounding area they think ISR Gardening. Our experienced lawn replacement contractors have the equipment and knowledge to deliver a quality installation every single time. Pick up the phone and call today and leave all your sodding needs with us.