The crew at ISR Gardening is Aurora’s most trusted group of lawn care experts. Whether you’re looking to grow new grass from seed, or you’d like to explore options for turf installation, we have you covered. We only employ the most experienced sod installers so you can start enjoying the lawn you deserve as quickly as possible.

Seeding vs Sodding in Aurora

Many homeowners have a tough time choosing between seeding or sodding when it comes to lawn replacement and repair. The bottom line? Both methods can achieve a lush green lawn, but only one of them is way easier and produces faster results without a lot of hassle and maintenance.

Sodding is taking large rolls of grass that’s been carefully grown for several months, and rolling them out in your yard. However, growing new grass from seed takes a lot of hard work, water and careful attention to detail.

What type of soil is the best for sodding? Sandy soil is typically the best option for laying down new sod. It can help trap the perfect amount of moisture. If you happen to have a yard that has more clay in the soil, don’t worry, you just need to add some organic compost to increase your moisture intake and increase the chances that your new sod will take root in an even fashion. We recommend getting your soil tested before starting any major lawn replacement so you or the landscapers know exactly what you’re dealing with.

Seeding vs Sodding in Aurora
Sodding Aurora

No matter which direction you take, you might consider getting your soil tested so you can prepare the area and determine which type of lawn repair is going to guarantee a great-looking lawn.

If you have sandy soil on your property, this is the perfect type of ground for laying new turf. If your yard happens to consist more heavily of clay, you should be adding peat moss or organic compost so that you can capture even more moisture in the ground for your turf’s roots to take hold.

Sodding Installation Process in Aurora

Sodding is more popular than ever before because unlike growing grass from seed, which takes weeks or sometimes months to see a great green lawn, sod delivers the final product you desire almost instantly.

Compared to sodding, seeding is cheaper at the beginning, but you’ll spend a lot more time trying to keep the seeds growing evenly. During the time it takes for the seeds to germinate, your lawn will require more watering and possibly be more prone to soil erosions. Living in Aurora means you should be laying down your new sod sometime between April and November.

Sodding Installation Process in Aurora
Lawn Replacement and Sodding Services in Aurora

Lawn Replacement & Sodding Services Aurora

ISR Gardening’s lawn care experts have the right equipment and experience to give you an amazing-looking lawn every time. Our professional landscapers have seen it all and promise a hassle-free experience at a fair price. Save yourself time and from stress and let us:

  • Level the Ground
  • Remove Any Existing Turf
  • Dispose of Any Waste
  • Install and Roll New Turf
  • Fertilizing the Soil Prior to Installing New Sod
  • Roll out The Sod to Create Good Sod to Soil Contact
  • Clear out Any Weeds and Dead Grass

Summer never lasts long in Canada and you need to enjoy every minute of it instead of thinking about your lawn care. That’s why you need ISR Gardening. We can take any dead lawn and transform it into a stunning masterpiece that will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

ISR Gardening is Aurora’s best landscaping team you can trust to give great advice and outstanding customer service. What are you waiting for? Contact us today for a free estimate and let’s start growing something great together.