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Are you looking for a way to revitalize your lawn or are considering establishing a new lawn altogether? Sodding has become a popular lawn establishment technique because it yields excellent results in less time than seeding. The sod is the rolls of grass and sodding is the process of laying down the grass over moist soil that has been prepared for the installation process. Sod is grown under close observation to ensure the grass is healthy and lush.

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Seeding vs Sodding in King City

Seeding has been the traditional way of establishing a lawn for decades. However, a modern way of achieving even greater results is through sodding. By understanding the differences between seeding and sodding, you’ll understand why many homeowners choose sodding for their lawn replacement.

seeding vs sodding in king city
sodding in king city
  • Grass selection

The sodding installation allows you to lay mature grass that has been grown in a controlled environment and give you an instantly green lawn. While this is convenient and takes the hassle out of establishing a lawn, your choice of grass may be limited to the type of sod available. You won’t have this limitation with seeding. There is generally more variety, which allows you to have more of a variety when it comes to your type of grass.

  • Lawn maintenance  

Seeding requires a lot of watering in the first month of planting (up to 4 times a day). Sod grass, on the other hand, is already mature when it is installed so you don’t need to water it as much as seeds, which means better water conservation. 

  • Soil preparation

Both seeding and sodding require some prep work on the soil prior to planting or installing sod. This is critical for a healthy lawn.

Sodding Installation Process in King City

1. Preparing the ground – The first thing we do is to prepare the ground by levelling it, removing any existing turf or waste and moistening the soil. We also take accurate measurements of the ground to make sure that the turf installed onto the ground will fit perfectly.

2. Fertilizing soil – we then fertilize the soil and add topsoil or compost if requested.

3. Unroll turf – this is done with skill and precision to make sure that the turf is unrolled along a straight edge with no overlaps for optimal aesthetics.

4. Rolling the sod – we do this to ensure that the turf is well-established and makes good contact with the soil underneath.

sodding installation process in king city
Lawn replacement and sodding services in king city

Lawn Replacement and Sodding Services in King City

Need a replacement lawn? Become one of the many homeowners who have chosen sodding to establish the new lawn. As professional sod installers in King City, ISR Gardening is dedicated to establishing and cultivating the lawn you have always wanted. 

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