Good lawn edging can make all the difference between a healthy looking lawn and a lawn that looks like it needs a makeover. Lawn edging keeps your lawn looking lush and beautiful. The unpredictable summers and harsh winters in Canada can put a lot of stress on your lawn and garden beds especially since the soil and lawn shifts due to changing seasons and terrain conditions. Edging can ensure that your lawn is secure and sturdy in all weather conditions, making this small investment completely worth it.

What is Lawn Edging?

Lawn edging is an effective and stylish way to differentiate between different areas of your landscape. Lawn edging defines the space between your grass and your flower beds or other landscape features in your yard creating elegantly pointed spaces that bring cohesiveness and order to your green space. It is generally used in landscaping to help prevent things like erosion and keep your lawn looking natural and healthy.

Let’s look at the benefits of edging your lawn and how you can achieve that look of perfection. 

The Benefits of Lawn Edging are:


Preserves Soil Structure

Your soil structure is the key to healthy plant growth. This means you have to maintain the structure of your soil to avoid losing nutrients which could damage your lawn or garden. Poor soil structure can prevent your plants from growing and leave them looking wilted and brown.

Good lawn edging will help to strengthen and maintain your soil structure by preventing erosion and soil compaction. Edging is also an effective way to prevent the spread of weeds which can suffocate and destroy your garden beds and paths.

Lowers Garden Maintenance Costs

If you’re wondering what is the purpose of edging a lawn? The answer is simple – to lower maintenance costs. Keeping your lawn looking healthy requires a lot of time and money. You can save both by adding edging to your lawn care regime. Metal garden edging can create defined lines throughout your garden, reducing the amount of mowing and trimming you need to do around your landscaping.

It also provides a green and non-toxic solution for weed control and eliminates the need for harmful chemicals that can hurt you or your pets. Metal edging is also weather resistant which means that you don’t have to worry about replacing your edging multiple times as the weather changes. Simply install and enjoy the new and luxurious look of your garden space.

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Helps Improve Drainage

Good drainage will ensure that your plants won’t drown when severe weather or prolonged rain hits. The metal edging can be cut to ensure that water flows in the right direction away from your garden or lawn.

This will help prevent pooling and keep your lawn and garden at the right moisture level.

Helps Reduce Compaction

When you edge the lawn, you’re not just improving its aesthetic appearance, you are also improving the overall condition of the soil. Soil compaction can make it difficult for the soil to breathe. This prevents root growth, lowers nutrient production and makes it difficult for water to be properly absorbed into the soil. This results in an infertile lawn or garden.

In other words, the lawn or garden is unable to produce. Using metal edging spaced at appropriate intervals will allow you to create the perfect growing conditions for plants and crops and prevent them from being trampled. You will also create maximum and efficient use of space. The result is a landscape where water flows freely and soil is loose and easy to work with for planting and growing. In the long run, you’ll find that you need less water to keep your soil rich and healthy, slowly reducing your utility bills over time.

Improves Curb Appeal

You want your home to look spectacular, and this includes your lawn too. A well-defined garden increases curb appeal and resale value. This ultimately gives prospective buyers the confidence to know that they will not be taking on excessive maintenance. Edging lawn care is a simple and effective way to create defined areas within your landscape, whether you are trying to define a flowerbed, vegetable garden, recreational space or just define your green space. 

Lawn edging is the perfect addition to areas in your garden where you want to create a feeling of luxury and refinement like the patio or pool area. The addition of lawn edging will reduce the amount of maintenance required, and makes it easier to keep your lawn looking lush and manicured. It’s guaranteed to make your green space the envy of the entire neighbourhood.

Prevents Unwanted Foot Traffic

If you’ve questioned ‘why edge your lawn’, the answer is to prevent unnecessary foot traffic. Edging creates a defined physical barrier between your lawn and footpaths, and prevents people from crossing your lawn which will create grooves and kill grass over time. This clean and defined line also enhances safety by clearly indicating the right path to your home for 

guests or delivery people without slipping or falling. You can also direct foot traffic around your garden, so people can see the beautiful flower beds you’ve created from a safe distance without trampling. This can be further enhanced with the addition of a brick or stone wall to create a more elegant and luxurious experience for your visitors.

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Contributes to a Healthier Lawn 

By adding edging to your lawn care, you are simply creating a healthier lawn. By implementing the tips we have mentioned so far, you are creating a defined ecosystem where your lawn and root systems are being protected. You are developing lawn and soil practices that will keep your green space looking lush, and you are creating perfect growing conditions.

You will quickly notice an improvement in soil conditions and moisture levels, so your lawn can continue to look green even as the temperatures rise. You’ve created an environment that promotes good soil quality and reduces harm to the root system.

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