Maintaining your landscape can be a costly, time-consuming, and challenging task to commit to doing year-round. That is why here at ISR Gardening, we offer yearly lawn care maintenance packages so homeowners do not have to worry about fertilization, controlling weeds, planting flowers, seeding, sodding, and several additional landscaping services that will ensure the health of your lawn thrives mightily.

What Our All Season Landscaping Maintenance Includes

Every season landscape maintenance is important to keep your grass and plants looking and feeling healthy. We help homeowners achieve a desirable landscape by offering the following lawn maintenance services:

Here we will clear the debris and leaves off your lawn, mow and trim the grass, and bag the clippings for pickup. Spring clean up is crucial for getting your lawn and garden ready for a vibrant summer season.

We’ll clear leaves, branches, debris, and trim your plants and grass in Fall Clean Up. Removing debris before the first snowfall helps reduce fungal survival, ensuring a healthier lawn.

If your soil looks dry and spongy or your grass is puddling after rainfall, we can aerate your lawn. We aim to let your soil breathe by breaking it up through puncturing your lawn with many holes. This process of lawn aeration will allow air, water, and nutrients to seep in and make for a lush, green lawn.

We will help develop a mature grass stand by either sodding or seeding. Topdressing is when we will add to the top layer of your established lawn with a layer of high-quality soil to improve overall soil quality, provide nutrients to the grass roots, and help retain moisture.

This service can provide low-maintenance, superior, long-term erosion protection. Simple additions like shrub and tree planting are also great features to add colour, freshness, and shade to any outdoor space.

Mulching is a sustainable method to enhance the appearance of your landscape while also contributing to the well-being of your outdoor area. It aids in weed control, retains water moisture, and safeguarding the roots of your plants.

This essential part of garden maintenance involves removing the overgrown or dead stems, branches, and roots on trees, hedges, and shrubs. By hedge trimming each year, it encourages more symmetrical growth of your plants, in addition to helping healthy, luscious grass flourish.

In lawn mowing we will cut your grass to help control pests, manage weeds, achieve a well-manicured appearance, and make ongoing lawn maintenance easier.

We will use our high-quality mixtures and materials to improve one or more of the targeted areas that need nutrients. Our lawn fertilization will ensure your lawn grows thick and healthy without attracting unwanted pests.

We take all measures to stop unwanted plants from establishing and spreading with our weed control services. Through our environmentally friendly weed control and removal solutions, we provide long-term treatment that prevents future weed growth.

How Much Does All Year Landscaping Cost?

We offer our yearly landscape maintenance package that lasts for 8 months at affordable rates for all homeowners across the GTA. The costs start from $280 a month and we offer monthly payment schedules for your convenience. Additional factors we take into account is the size of your lawn and the type of tasks you need for the season (i.e. spring cleanup typically costs more due to the additional preparation needed for the summer season).

For winter maintenance, check out our snow removal services here.

How Does Our Maintenance Packages Work?

Our yearly landscape maintenance package works by our team first coming on-site to your property and assessing the needs of your lawn. From there, we will curate a landscape planning regimen that is tailored specifically to what will most effectively benefit your lawn. These services can include raking up leaves and composting them, applying fertilizer, cutting grass, updating seasonal flowers, pruning, weed control, cleaning up branches and debris, mulching, edging ornamental beds, seeding, aerating, dethatching and more.

The weekly tasks are flexible and tailored to your requirements but are ultimately influenced by the season, including fall cleanup to prepare for winter and spring cleanup to get ready for summer. Getting into a consistent lawn maintenance routine and employing our proven  maintenance practices will ensure a dense, healthy, high-quality lawn that thrives all season long.

Our Promise to You

As the industry leaders in landscaping, the team at ISR Gardening are committed to providing premier landscaping maintenance services unmatched in the Greater Toronto Area. We work closely with every one of our clients in a customer focused approach. We want to fully understand your vision and provide yard care services that address maximizing the functionality and appearance of your outdoor space. Our team is fully certified and are expert installers of sod, fertilizers, seed, and other landscaping applications. 

We use safe and eco-friendly equipment because we understand the importance of handling products that are beneficial and non-toxic for the environment. The top-quality products we source are safe and effective for your lawn. From leaves falling off trees, to wind blowing debris onto your lawn, to grass clippings and broken branches, a lawn can get cluttered quickly. We make sure your exterior space is clean and mess-free before we leave. 

Let’s Get Your Yard Ready

Prepare your lawn to look and feel its best no matter what time of year. Our professional and experienced landscaping contractors are well-versed in all types of landscaping services to cater a maintenance package that best suits your lawn. For more information about our year round yard maintenance services, our costs, or how the process works, contact us today.

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